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STAR GLOBAL EXPERT SOLUTIONS JSC is specializing in provision of integrated consultancy services including “Survey/analysis - Solutions proposal – System design – Equipment/materials supply – Procedures building – Process visualization – Simulation and Training” in the fields of Oil and Gas, Marine, Aerospace and Industrials.

Through previous field-proven experience of our Management Board working for various multi-national companies as well as national corporations through various working environment such as Operator, Drilling Contractors and Services companies; We realized that those Owners and main Contractors are in real needs of some good Subcontractor/Vendor that really understand about Offshore business and Oilfield equipment, in order to provide maximum supports to the main Contractors in terms of providing right equipment to the required Technical Specifications with the best quality and reasonable prices. STAR GLOBAL JSC was established to satisfy those needs and expectations from the Clients.

With our professional mindset and total commitment philosophy at STAR GLOBAL, we are very confident that we can provide the best supports to the Operators, Drilling Contractors, Shipyards and Oilfield Services companies during the engineering, building, upgrade/repairs, operations, maintenance of drilling rigs, offshore platforms, marine vessels as well as onshore facilities in the Oil & Gas, Marine, Aerospace and Industrials.


With more than 13 years of experience in the Oil and Gas and Aerospace Engineering, working through various regions/areas in the world; participated in many projects including new-build, upgrades, repairs, as well as drilling operations of offshore rigs in different locations and environments, spanning through more than 15 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and North America;  The Board of Management from STAR GLOBAL possess comprehensive and field-proven expertise with hands-on experience about the full life cycle of offshore drilling operations: from well planning, engineering design, rig selections, scope of work for various well services, to rig operations, equipment/logistics movement, drilling management, mob and demob of various type of personnel and equipment from shorebase to offshore and vice versa…etc, and all support services related to Oil & Gas and Marine, especially about the Drilling rigs, Marine vessels, Offshore platforms and its equipment/systems on board.


We utilize integrated ERP software or our company operations management, working data and information is updated on a web-based platform and real time basis so every team members can work together anytime, anywhere from their smart phones and mobile devices. This ERP management system promotes the professionalism at the workplace of STAR GLOBAL team and also reinforces the trust from our Clients. Customers can rest assured while working with STAR GLOBAL that you are having full-time support by STAR GLOBAL team, anytime and anywhere.

Our company is organized in a well-linked structure which is represented by an innovative O-chart as follows, whereby each department is surrounded and supported by all related departments. This is to ensure that all resources are utilized in a professional manner to provide best quality services to our valued Clients and Customers.


STAR GLOBAL’s Vision is to be “The most reliable center of professional experts and trusted business Partner” providing optimum, reliable and feasible cost-effective engineering & technical solutions and services to “high-demanding” Clients in the fields of Oil and Gas, Marine, Aerospace and Industrials.


“Making people happy by meeting or exceeding Clients’ expectation & satisfaction” with the best quality products and professional services from STAR GLOBAL is our ultimate priority.

High quality products and professional services by a widely experienced team with the highest responsibility & commitment mindset.

Optimized and specific solutions to specific Clients with best quality products & services and lowest possible costs, through careful survey and analysis done for each particular project.

Relevant added values to our customers by the significant knowledge, experience and expertise from STAR GLOBAL professional team.

Dedicated commitment from Management Board, Good relationship with Clients and Suppliers, Strategic planning & implementation

CORE VALUES               

Core Values of STAR GLOBAL JSC is represented by the abbreviation “TRUSTART” which offers the following meanings:

  • Our business foundation START from TRUST
  • To gain and maintain Customers’ TRUST is an ART which is taken care of by SGE orchestra.
  • Target to achieve and maintain as a TRUST STAR for Customers’ revisit and recommendation.


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