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Welcome to STAR GLOBAL and thank you very much for visiting our website and giving us the opportunity to reach out to you. Something very special brings us together for this opportunity for exchanging information.


With more than 100 years of accumulated experience of diverse projects in the Oil and Gas, Automation, Aerospace and Explosives Engineering industries in many areas of the world, including needs assessment, process design, exploration, new-build, upgrades, repairs, as well as drilling operations both onshore and offshore; working with many cultures and in harsh environments, in more than 50 countries across Asia, Middle East, Australia, South Pacific, Europe, Africa and North America... The Board of Management of STAR GLOBAL possesses field-proven expertise with hands-on experience through the full life cycle of Oil & Gas processes, Industrial applications, ground clearance operations etc.


We realize that Business Owners and Contractors need good Partners with solid experience of technologies and management of Offshore business and Oilfield equipment, providing maximum support in terms of supplying the right equipment to the required Technical Specifications with the best Quality and Reasonable Prices. STAR GLOBAL JSC was established to satisfy exactly those needs and expectations from the Clients.


We take this opportunity to also introduce our new sector of business, namely 3D engineering services which involves high definition image capturing with highly-accurate laser measurement technology and secure archiving to enable reverse engineering, virtual simulation, dimensional analysis and site assessments…


Thank you very much for your interest in our products, services and expertise. We highly appreciate your TRUST in selecting STAR GLOBAL to be your reliable Service Provider and trusted Business Partner to become a team with you and grow our mutual capability/competency to the full potential without limitation.


With best wishes, we look forward to supplying the needs of your esteemed Companies with our products, services, solutions and the support from our STAR GLOBAL JSC Team.


Yours faithfully,

Hao Tran – President & CEO


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