Mô Hình Thông Tin Công Trình (BIM)

Mô Hình Thông Tin Công Trình (BIM)

Mô Hình Thông Tin Công Trình (BIM)

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)






Scan to BIM


- Survey scan


- Modeling


- Add properties


+ Time (4D)


+ Cost (5D)


+ Energy (6D)


+ Building operation management  (7D)







- Arranging and reorganizing activities relating to streamlined planning.


- Easier management of complex projects with increasing requirements.


- Improving communication and project advertisement.


- Updating  project infomation directly and consistently.


- High quality assurance based on process standardization.


- Ensurinh project schedule and cost.       


- Less risk and lower construction cost.


- Improving production level, ready fabrication from the factory.


- Reuse information resources for current and future construction process.


- Optimizing  building energy consumption.






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