Quản Lý Thi Công

Quản Lý Thi Công

Quản Lý Thi Công

  • Construction Managemnt




- Design level examination ( each phase check)


- Additional alignment


- Deformation measurement


- Building surface analysis


- Evaluation of the project impact on surrounding projects


- Observation of inclination and settlement


- Following construction schedule ( work in progress report )






- Clash, compatibly between old and new parts analysis are performed


  quickly, exactly


- Alignment test implemnt on computer before its actual imp execution,


  remarkable cost reducing within  transportation,  and installation


  thank to error elimination.


- Labour safety:  full and accurate remote data acquisition capability that


  ensusre users do not have to do dangerous works, also high data scanning 


  speed  helps users leave the sence shortly , not to create  problems during 


  operation process.






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