Quản Lý - Vận Hành - Bảo Dưỡng

Quản Lý - Vận Hành - Bảo Dưỡng

Quản Lý - Vận Hành - Bảo Dưỡng

  • Management, Operation and Maintenance




- Checking, inspecting, testing, detecting of damage.


- Test component installation  in plant system.


- Clash detecting during installation.


- Maintenance, repair, supplement construction.


- Asset Management


- Simulation education, training






- Optimizing plant space.


- Istallation of industrial machinery systems is carried out on a


  computer model before actual implementation to reduce costs,


  time, errors.


- Responding well to the need for remote management of companies


  with multiple factories in different locations ( can view, evaluate and 


  manage operations more effectively from one place to factory different




- Project digitalizing enables consistent monitoring and management


  throughout the project life cycle.





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