Mô Hình Dự Án Nhà Máy, KCN

Mô Hình Dự Án Nhà Máy, KCN

Mô Hình Dự Án Nhà Máy, KCN

  • Plant, Industrial Zone Model




- Making website 360 for plant, industrial park.


- Video showing plant, industrial park.


- Designing miniature project model.


- Industrial zone planning






- Introducing a plant scale and mode of operation  to related parties without


  the need in direct comming to the scene.


- Combining 3D printing technology to make  miniature project model in


  accordance with its actual ratio.


- Clash  analysis and compatibility between new and old components are


  performed quickly and accurately.


- Istallation of industrial machinery systems is carried out on a computer


  model before actual implementation help to reduce costs, time and errors.





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