Khảo Sát Hiện Trạng

Khảo Sát Hiện Trạng

Khảo Sát Hiện Trạng

  • Status Quo Survey




- Topography measurement.


- Size measurement and routing.


- Road surface damage and deformation.






- Enabling users make quick and accurate observation and survey visually.


- Making plans for construction and maintenance of transport works such as roads,


  bridges and facilities.


- Used as documentation for monitor, inspection and restoration and repair.


- Collection of project status quo parameters much more detailed, completed and


  faster than conventional measures.


- Ensuring labor safety while implementing measurement of project status quo




- Getting much more detailed, completed and accurate data than conventional


  measures and much faster.


- Calculation of asphalt surface layer much quicker than conventional methods


  with very high accurate.





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