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The industrial revolution 4.0 is advancing incredibly fast now and technology is contributing to a dramatic increase in productivity and efficiency. 3D Laser Scanning technology is a prime example and our 3D Laser Scanners can collect millions of data points per second, which allows people to scan and rebuild any 3D profiles with 1:1 dimensional scale of virtually any plant or facility much faster than conventional measurement and data collection methods.


In addition to deploying 3D Laser Scanning technology to various fields such as: Survey, Planning, Architecture, Construction, Industry, Heritage, Public Security... STAR GLOBAL EXPERT SOLUTIONS JSC also successfully integrates real-time data from IoT sensors and visualises data into 3D/360 Digital Maps to make intelligent 3D GIS solutions. This is a groundbreaking solution for the smart management of design and recording of smart factories, smart industrial zones, and smart cities... In fact anywhere where speed and accuracy are key. Our product is a combination of panoramic 360 images that integrates a 3D point cloud to allow measurement of the exact size of any object in the scanned space. This helps visually and accurately display the status of the scanned facility at the time of digitisation, and this 3D Web product can be programmed to connect related real-time data sensors of other intelligent systems such as architecture, land use, smart lighting system, electrical systems, CCTV systems, ongoing construction... that makes the management, monitoring and control of almost any project to become easier and more accurate than ever.


We would like to thank you for your interest in STAR GLOBAL solutions. We value your TRUST in STAR GLOBAL JSC and our objective is to be a trusted solution provider and a reliable business partner bringing significant benefits at reasonable cost to Customers through our innovative solutions; as well as our desire to create a creative environment for you to join the STAR GLOBAL team in our passion for 3D Laser Scanning technology and to develop your competency to the maximum possible without limitations.


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