PointSense Basic

PointSense Basic

PointSense Basic


FARO's Point Sense Basic is an easy to use tool set for processing and analyzing laser scan data. You will be able to create professional results such as, Site Maps, 3D Models, Elevations, Facade Plans, Ortho images, Deformation analysis, and Clash Detection.


General Features

SmartSnap: Snapping of corners, edges, planes, highest and lowest point directly in the point cloud                   x
Point cloud management and clipping x x
Import of various scan data formats x x
Import of orthophotos x x
Definition, editing and management of slices and regions of point clouds x x
Collision analysis   x
Deformation analysis   x
Colorizing point clouds by distance to ideal geometry   x
Elevation plans x x
Ortho images of point clouds x x
3D Distance dimensioning x x
Flatten drawing x x


2D Modeling

Line/polyline fitting - with constraints      x  
Polygon fitting with a variable number of nodes    
Automatic polygon fitting in multiple slices   x


3D Modeling

Fitting of 3D profiles along a point cloud             x   
Cylinders and truncated cones fitting   x
Join cylinders   x
Insert reducers   x
Editing cylinders and truncated cones   x
Generate cylinder centrelines   x
Create cylinders and truncat ed cones as AutoCAD solids   x
Create strings of cylinders   x
Plane fitting - with constraints   x
Plane fitting with only one click   x
Draw planes   x
Extend (two planes)   x
Intersection: line (two planes), point (three planes), lines (three planes)   x
Automatic determination of plane boundaries   x
Change boundaries   x
Plumb points onto a plane   x
Flatness analysis, solid modelling (2.5D meshing, terrain model) volumetric calculations   x


Planar View

Displaying the scan data in a photo like, planar view for easier navigation and understanding            x     
Transfer coordinates and commands from the planar view into the AutoCAD drawing   x



PointSense programs are used worldwide and industry wide:

  • Lockheed Martin
  • OJSC “VNIPIgazdobycha”
  • Sightline
  • HOCHTIEF Consult IKS Energy
  • ThyssenKrupp




 PointSense basic and Pro is compatible with AutoCAD and associated products such as Civil 3D, Architecture and Map 3D for versions 2015 and above. Should older Autodesk products be used, please contact your FARO representative.

Operating System  Dependent on the version of AutoCAD being used, 64-bit systems only
Hardware     Requirements  

 Computer: Graphic card as recommended by Autodesk, RAM at least 8 GB, better 32GB and more,       processor at least 2.5 GHz, better 3-4 GHz and 4-8 cores, SSD for larger projects; Laser scanner: Type to   suit task

Data Requirements  Registered, that is they are oriented to each other, and geo-referenced scans and point clouds of other   sources
Supported scan data formats  57, ASCII, LAS, FARO (LSPROJ, FLS, FWS), Leica (PTZ, PTS, PTX), Zoller&Fröhlich (ZFS, ZFPRJ), Topcon     (CL3, CLR) Leica (PTG) and Riegl RiScanPro-Projects (RSP)
Supported image formats  ReCap photo format (RCP), Agisosft PhotoScan format (XML), all AutoCAD supported image formats, e.g.   TIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG; Trimble RealWorks Survey orthophotos, Reconstructor orthophotos


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