PointSense Suite

PointSense Suite

PointSense Suite


PointSense Suite: The All-in-One Solution



The PointSense Suite is a product bundle of FARO’s popular PointSense Plug-ins for AutoCAD® and Revit® , which accelerate the evaluation of laser scan data. It provides a complete set of powerful, industry specific point cloud processing tools under one license. AEC professionals can utilize the PointSense Suite to perform intelligent feature extraction, for CAD design and scan to BIM as well as deformation analysis tools for QA/QC assessment.


As all of the software tools are stored under one license the PointSense Suite offers convenient software use. The Suite includes all of the PointSense for AutoCAD® programs and PointSense for Revit, which gives you the best value for money software bundle, including all of the tools you need for the efficient evaluation of reality capturing data.

PointSense Suite: The All-in-One Solution



The PointSense Suite bundles all of the well-known PointSense products for AutoCAD® and Revit® under one license. The use of the PointSense Suite allows service providers to carry out 3D documentation tasks in every industry field of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC).

The PointSense Suite contains

  • PointSense Basic and Pro

  • PointSense Building

  • PointSense Heritage

  • PointSense Plant

  • PointSense for Revit

You will find additional Information under the button of each product.


PointSense for AutoCAD®  Minimum Requirements
Platform  PointSense is compatible with AutoCAD® and its associated products (e.g. Civil 3D, Architecture, Map   3D)   for versions 2015 and later.
 Should you be using older Autodesk products, please contact your FARO representative.
Operating system  Dependent on the version of AutoCAD® being used, 64-bit systems only.
Hardware requirements  Graphics card as recommended by Autodesk, RAM at least 8GB, better 32GB or more, processor at   least   2.5GHz, better 3-4GHz and 4-8 cores, SSD for larger projects; 
 Laser scanner type to suit job in hand
Data requirements  Registered, that is to say the scans are oriented to each other
Supported scan data formats  E57, ASCII, LAS, FARO (LSPROJ, FLS, FWS), Leica (PTZ, PTS, PTX), Zoller&Fröhlich (ZFS,   ZFPRJ), Topcon   (CL3, CLR) Leica (PTG) and Riegl RiScanPro-Projects (RSP).

PointSense for Revit                  

Operating system  Microsoft® operating system, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 in the 64-bit version.
Hardware requirements  Autodesk recommends a multi-core Intel® Xeon®, or an i-Series processor, or the AMD® equivalent with 16   GB RAM and DirectX® 11 compatible graphics card and SSD (Solid State Drive) hard disk with at least 5 GB   of free memory.
Supported Revit® Versions  Revit® 2015 or later.




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